Velvet Rose & Oud Snap Bar

Velvet Rose & Oud Snap Bar

Our Velvet Rose & Oud snap melt bars are all handcrafted using eco soy wax and are vegan and animal friendly.


Each snap bar is hand poured

Each snap bar is approximately 24g

Each snap bar gives appoximately 60- 90 hours of fragrance


Due to items being handmade, colours may differ.


Disclaimer: Some of our fragrances simply smell similar to designer brands, however, trademarks and copyrights are the property of the respective manufacturers and/or designer. We have no affiliation with the manufacturer/designer, and are not to be confused with the originals.


Please keep in mind that as this item is handcrafted, it can take 5 - 7 days to process your order in addition to your preferred delivery method.